Geoffrey H. Bruce © Geoffrey H. Bruce

Geoffrey H. Bruce © Geoffrey H. Bruce

AGE: 77


“I’ve always had a deep admiration for Paolo and for the people that have supported him, cheered him on and carried out his mission. He has had some incredibly diligent and loyal followers, and in a way, I am one of them.”

Geoffrey Bruce can’t remember how he first heard about Soleri, but the Tucson-based sculptor and industrial designer was greatly impacted by his work.


“I could not help believing in him,” he says. “I believed in the things that he advocated for and I admired his notions. He was an amazing, brilliant man.”


Bruce had been working at Expo ’67 in Montreal before contacting Soleri’s wife Colly to ask for an apprenticeship at Cosanti. “I was married at the time, and it turned out that my wife and I couldn’t actually take on that life together,” he says. Instead of becoming an apprentice, Bruce made frequent visits to the studio and eventually helped in the development of Arcosanti itself.


He contributed to the organization of music festivals and founded a fellowship to encourage individuals to experience the city. “The most important resource that Arcosanti has is its people, and I wanted to offer a way for others to obtain that workshop experience,” he says.


The Geoffrey H. Bruce Fellowship covers tuition for one five-week workshop per year. Applicants are required to submit resumes, portfolios and references, in addition to a statement explaining why they wish to participate in the program. The fellowship, founded in 2012, continues to be Bruce’s biggest contribution to the project, as well his personal way to carry on Soleri’s legacy.


“There is something awe-inspiring and humbling about being on that site. Something rewarding and worthwhile about living in that space and participating in a project that is obviously a labour of love,” says Bruce.


“Millionaires didn’t build Arcosanti. Grassroots people that have passion and appreciate complicity built it. And the best thing I can do is to keep introducing Arcosanti to the people who may have the ability to carry it on.”